Professional Landing Pages

Give your website a crisp, professional look with high-quality PSD Landing Page Templates. This robust collection includes 40 different PSD templates to cover every style of a landing page. From 404 pages, to app pages and maintenance pages among many others. Spend less time worrying about the actual design of your site and more time actually building your site.

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Landing Pages

First impressions are critical when it comes to securing online customers. Catch a user's interest immediately or you risk losing them forever. That's why it's crucial to have high-quality, professional landing pages that are optimized for attracting and keeping loyal customers. Our collection of premium landing pages offers the perfect solution to a variety of website styles. With a clear Call to Action integrated into each page.

Sign Up Pages

Building traffic on your site is one thing, but how do you convert users into customers or members? First, you earn their trust with a professional-looking website. Next, you encourage them to sign up through an inviting and simple registration page. This striking collection of Sign Up pages from not only looks top notch, but every page gets straight to the point with only a few fields for your users to fill out.

App Pages

Your purchase of this AlphaLandings collection also includes a fantastic set of promotional App pages. Increase downloads of your must-have app by showing off gorgeous screenshots and spotlighting its exciting highlights. It's all about presentation, and with these templates you'll have the best stage possible at your disposal.

Under Construction Pages

Looking to start building traffic even if your site's not quite finished yet? That's where an Under Construction page comes in. With this group of high quality, image-filled Under Construction templates, you can let your users know that your site is currently in development. A personal touch like that elicits far more confidence in future users than a webhost holding page.

Maintenance Pages

Nothing turns off a user more than discovering a boring error page on your site. With customized Maintenance Pages, however, you can inform your users now that you're performing some planned site updates. Use any of these professional Maintenance Page templates to deliver your exact message in a short and visually appealing manner.

404 Pages

No website is 100% perfect. Errors occur, and when they do, a 404 Error Page rears its ugly head. Add a little personality to your site, though, by using one of our entertaining 404 Page templates. Give your users a chuckle and they're likely to stick around your site longer, knowing that you care enough about the details to even customize an error page.

Teaser Pages

Not quite ready to launch but looking to start building some serious buzz? Use a Teaser Page to hook potential users before you've actually pushed your site live. This fabulous collection of beautiful Teaser Pages won't just entice potential users to keep coming back, but it can also encourage future members to leave their e-mail addresses for updates and launch notifications. It's the perfect way to build up a membership base before you've even launched!